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pre-ICO, Naanii Global's AAAG coin

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Pre-ICO project funding,  -  NEWS / INFORMATION -

Coin/Token name:       AAAG  (Naanii Global's Coin/Token)
Token/ Coin ID:           AqoYHAUmQjyQFmv9hLdibvTCrQLfbGn7DRyT9HsMvbnM
AAAG Creation date:   8.11.2017
Total amount created:  50.000.000 AAAG coins/token
Pre-ICO sales:               1.000.000 AAAG coins/token
Pre-ICO start date:      tbd.
Pre-ICO end date:       tbd.

PRE-ICO investments/ Token sales:   
-> Purchase and trading AAAG coins quickly and safely on the built-in decentralised exchange (DEX) at
-> limited amounts of currencies will be available -sales/purchase Naanii Global's AAAG coin
-> Currencies available: US$; €; Bitcoin; Waves; Ethereum; IOTA; etc.

NEWS / Publications / Press

Project temporarily on-hold, due to major strategic announcements of   Naanii Global publication Partners and global  legal uncertainty  and concerns related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Innovations and Projects.

Pre-ICO Naanii Global's AAAG coin, Sales will start in 20h:
Purchase and trading them quickly and safely on the built-in decentralised exchange (DEX) at

Naanii Global's 'AAAG' Token/Coin ID: AqoYHAUmQjyQFmv9hLdibvTCrQLfbGn7DRyT9HsMvbnM
PRE-ICO: limited amounts of currencies will be available -sales/purchase Naanii Global's AAAG coin
- US$; €; Bitcoin; Waves; Ethereum; IOTA -

more info: AAAG coin

! Sales of our announced AAAG Coin will start in 24h !
- Pre-ICO -
The n'AAAG' lobal disruptive Blockchain Project will help move 10% people from 7,8 Billion World Population to the Blockchain.
n'AAAG'lobal coin is the NAANII GLOBAL Luxury Family Lifestyle -Magazin en Vogue - based Next Generation Cryptocurrency.

- we offer more than just a 'White Paper' project -
NAANII GLOBAL Magazin 'en Vogue' Dez. 2017: existing global readership 4,8 mio unique user/month and Top Digital Influencer rated ('Klout 70+').

The Pre-Ico will prepare the successful launch of the ICO and NG disruptive blockchain project;
Our Focus: Privacy - Quality - Safty - Flexibility - Profitability - great user benefits - low risk and high Value.

Additionally with nAAAGlobal coins/Tokens all EXISTING NAANII GLOBAL Products and Services can be paid/ exchanged :
(Designs - Gifts&Accessoires (Ladies-Gentlemen-Kids)/ International Management Consulting Services / Online Marketing / Influencer Marketing / Online Advertising / Naanii Global FotoARTs Service / PR&Press Services / Event PR & Marketing / etc.)).




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