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Japan - Gourmet - Fine Dining: Experience Wining and Food in the most luxurious way - Japan is the country with the most Michelin-star awarded restaurants, cities: 21 in Nara, 117 in Osaka, 135 in Kyoto and 304 in Tokyo!

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- JAPAN - Experience Wining and Food in the most  luxurious  way -

#1 Kitcho, Kyoto, Japan - Most expensive Michelin starred restaurant globally, Average Cost: $600 per person.
Japanese fine dining at its best, Kitcho not only serves high end Japanese cuisine, but also immerses guests in an atmosphere that breathes Japanese culture.

Kitcho owner and operator Kunio Tokuoka says that every dish that his restaurant serves not only satisfies cravings for Japanese cuisine but also represents Japanese culture.
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The Michelin Guide has been a go-to reference for those who crave to dine at places that exude class and extravagance
Wining and dining in posh places that carry even just one Michelin star would at least require a fat wallet to go with a very high end appetite.

The Michelin Guide has been a go-to reference for those who crave to dine at places that exude class and extravagance. It is also a dream of high end restaurants to be listed in the guide as the inclusion would boost their reputation and stock value in the very large and congested fine dining industry.

What you get when you opt to take your meal at this classy establishments is not just great food, excellent presentation, and warm service but an outstanding dining experience you can never find somewhere else.
The ambience, the atmosphere, and the overall aura that surround you once you start to enjoy the palatable offerings also come into play.

Michelin guide 2018 - Japan:
No new three-starred restaurants 2018 in Japan, but there are five new two-star restaurants and twenty-three new one-star restaurants.

List of 3 * Michelin Restaurants JAPAN 2018,
Location - Restaurant - Chef(s) - Awarded since

Fukuoka Gyoten Kenji Gyoten 2014
Hiroshima, Nakashima Tetsuo Nakashima 2013
Hokkaido Molière Hiroshi Nakamichi 2012
Hokkaido Hanakoji Sawada Tomoya Kago 2017
Hokkaido Sushi Miyakawa Masaaki Miyakawa 2017
Kobe Ca Sento Shinya Fukumoto 2011
Kobe Komago Kenichi Fujiwara 2011
Kyoto Chihana Katsuyoshi Nagata 2010
Kyoto Hyotei Yoshihiro Takahashi 2010
Kyoto Kikunoi Honten Yoshihiro Murata 2010
Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama Kunio Tokuoka 2010
Kyoto Mizai Hitoshi Ishihara 2014 (& 2010–2012)
Kyoto Nakamura Motokazu Nakamura 2011
Kyoto Kichisen Yoshimi Tanigawa 2014
Kyoto Iida Shinichi Iida 2018
Nara Wa Yamamura Nobuharu Yamamura 2012
Osaka Kashiwaya Hideaki Matsuo 2011
Osaka Taian Hitoshi Takahata 2011
Osaka Koryu Matsuo Shintaro 2012
Osaka Hajime Hajime Yoneda 2018 (& 2010–2012)
Shōnan Kouan Yukinori Iijima 2012
Tokyo Joël Robuchon Michael Michaelidis 2008
Tokyo Kanda Hiroyuki Kanda 2008
Tokyo Quintessence Shuzo Kishida 2008
Tokyo Sukiyabashi Jiro Jiro Ono 2008
Tokyo Ishikawa Hideki Ishikawa 2009
Tokyo Sushi Saito Takashi Saito 2010
Tokyo Yukimura Jun Yukimura 2010
Tokyo Usukifugu Yamadaya Fumie Yamadaya 2011
Tokyo Ryugin Seiji Yamamoto 2012
Tokyo Sushi Yoshitake Masahiro Yoshitake 2012
Tokyo Makimura Makimura Akio 2015
Tokyo Kohaku Koji Koizumi 2016
Toyama Yamazaki Koji Yamazaki 2016

source: Michelin Guide 2018 and Wikipedia
fotos: copyright Kitcho all rights reserved

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