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FIA Formula1 WorldChampionship 2019, race#6, Monaco F1 Grand Prix, 23.-26.5.2019 !

Publicado por NAANII GLOBAL and F1 Team Journalists en Motorsport 2019, F1, Fe, LeMans 24h,.. · 22/5/2019 13:47:23
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FIA Formula1 WorldChampionship 2019, race#6, Monaco  F1 Grand Prix,  23.-26.5.2019 !

This weekend Formula 1 journeys to its most iconic venue, Monaco, for a grand prix that harnesses the finest qualities of racing’s great heroes – precision, calculation, commitment, passion, and heroism.

Some major milestones are in prospect at this weekend’s race in glittering, glamorous Monaco. Kimi Räikkönen is set to join an exclusive clubs of five drivers, Mercedes are seeking a record run of results, and Valtteri Bottas is hoping to break his podium-free record in the Principality

* Title rivals Sebastian Vettel, Scudería Ferrari, and Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, are well matched at the Monaco Grand Prix. Both have two wins in the Principality and both scored them with different teams. Hamilton won in 2008 with McLaren and then in 2016 with Mercedes, while Vettel won with Red Bull Racing in 2011 and with Ferrari in 2017 (pictured). Both drivers also have six podium appearances apiece in Monaco. Vettel edges it, though, with four second places (2010, 2013, 2015, 2018) to add to his victories, while Hamilton has two second places (2007, 2014) and two third places (2015, 2018). Both have a single pole here, with Vettel starting from P1 in 2011 and Hamilton in 2015. Vettel has two fastest laps (2010, 2013), while Hamilton has just one (2016).

* Mercedes are, of course, seeking a sixth consecutive one-two finish this weekend.
The Silver Arrows have already set a benchmark for one-twos since the start of a season but if they pick up a sixth in Monaco it will establish a new record for a consecutive one-twos during a campaign as well. Ferrari took five in a row in 1952 and 2002, while Mercedes themselves did the same in 2014. The only fly in the ointment is that Valtteri Bottas has never finished on the podium in Monaco. From six attempts so far he has a best finish of fourth place in 2017.

* This weekend will mark Kimi Räikkönen’s 300th presence at a grand prix weekend.
The Finn has not missed an event in a season in which he has raced since his debut at the 2001 Australian Grand Prix but he has missed three starts during that time. In Belgium in 2001 the race was stopped after four laps following a serious crash involving Jaguar’s Eddie Irvine and Prost’s Luciano Burti. Those opening laps, during which Kimi suffered a transmission failure, were nullified and the Finn didn’t take the re-start. In 2005 he failed to start at the US Grand Prix due to issues with Michelin’s tyres, and in 2017, at the Malaysian Grand Prix, Kimi failed to start due to engine issues on the way to the grid. His 300th start is due to take place at this year’s Austrian Grand Prix.

* of the current drivers, one - Sebastian Vettel - Scudería Ferrari - has led more laps of the Circuit de Monaco than Lewis Hamilton.
The five-time Worldchampion has led 167 laps across four of his 12 races to date in the Principality. He led for five laps in his debut season of 2007, for 44 during his first race to victory here in 2008 (pictured), for 64 laps on his way to third place in 2015 (he dropped out of the lead due to a pit stop error), and for 54 laps on his way to a second win in 2016. Only four other current drivers have led laps in Monaco: Sebastian Vettel (121), Kimi Räikkönen (118), Daniel Ricciardo (102), and Robert Kubica, who led for 10 laps during the 2008 race.

However, it will do so without one of the sport’s greatest legends, a man who embodied all of those sublime characteristics and more – Niki Lauda.
The sad news of Niki’s passing this week, at the age of 70, robs Formula 1 of one of its most charismatic figures. Three-time world champion, entrepreneur, iconoclast, and the man at the heart of perhaps the greatest sporting comeback of all time, Lauda was a towering figure not just in the history of Formula 1 but in all of sport.
For example Formula 1 Managing Director, Motorsport, Ross Brawn, - as well as the entire F 1 community - pays tribute to the Lauda he knew - a superlative racer, a brilliant mind and a fierce competitor whose uncompromising approach and no-nonsense style made him feared by rivals and beloved by fans. And as Ross concludes, Formula 1 will not see the likes of him again.

Foto: Copyright Formula 1 Mercedes all rights reserved

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