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F1 2018, #1 race Melbourne, Australia: first day of the season - free practice- impressions Fernando Alonso and Mercedes AMG Petronas

Publicado por NAANII GLOBAL and F1 Team Journalists en Motorsport 2018 - F1 - FormulaE - Daytona24h race - LeMans 24 h · 23/3/2018 14:59:09
Tags: FernandoAlsonoMercedesAMGPetronasLewisHamiltonMelbourneAustralianGPnewF1season2018race#1!



McLaren F1 Team, Fernando Alonso:
“It’s good to be back in the racing spirit, and it’s a nice feeling to be with all the cars on track after the lonely winter tests where you are the only car per team on track and have empty grandstands.
“Being the first day of the season, there were a lot of things we wanted to test. However, the weather conditions will be changeable from tomorrow, so we need to be careful with the information we have gathered.
“We lost a little bit of time in first practice with some issues but we managed to recover everything in the second session, and now we need to analyse everything to get the best package for tomorrow. The weather is going to affect everyone and we’re used to these changeable conditions here, so hopefully we can maximise every opportunity.”

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team, Lewis Hamilton:
'Coming to the first race, you really have no idea what it's going to be like. You don't how you're going to feel physically, you don't know how the tyres are going to react to the circuit. But we started on the right foot today, we got through everything we needed. It closed up a little bit in FP2 in terms of the gap between us all, but that's exciting. It's more challenging for me to try and eke out a little more from the car. It's been such a nice day, Albert Park is a really beautiful place to be and work when the weather is like this. The tyres definitely didn't seem to have the same issue that we had in Barcelona where they were blistering, so it felt a lot more normal. Obviously the car is quicker here than it was last year, so it feels better everywhere. Turns 11 and 12 are crazy, we're not even braking into that corner, it's insane. It's going to rain tomorrow and on Sunday as far as I'm aware. I've not driven in the rain yet on these tyres, so that'll be interesting.'

Fotos: Copyright Mc Laren and Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Teams, all rights reserved.

Formula 1 - Spielberg, Österreich, 7.-09.7.2017 - Qualifying

Publicado por Journalists RedBull and Naanii Global Team en Motorsport 2017 / Formula 1 / Indycars · 8/7/2017 16:44:48
Tags: RedbullRacingMercedesAMGPetronasFerrariAustrianGP2017

F1 Grand Premio de Russia ! Enhorabuena Valtteri Bottas y Scudería Ferrari ! siguiente carrera BARCELONA - ESPAÑA -

Publicado por en Motorsport 2017 / Formula 1 / Indycars · 30/4/2017 20:57:38
Tags: V.BottasMercedesAMGPetronas1.Winafter80races;ScuderíaFerrari;RussianGPSotchi2017;nextraceBarcelona

F1 season 2017 - Australia, Melbourne the place to be - 1. Grand Prix new season, 24.-26.3.2017 !

FORMULA 1 News, First European GP - season 2015 - GRAND PREMIO ESPANA PIRELLI 2015, BCN 10.5.2015 -

Publicado por en Motorsport, 2015 Formula 1, Grand Prix · 11/5/2015 21:09:24
Tags: BarcelonaGPF1NicoRosbergMercedesAMGPetronasPirelli
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