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F1 - Lifestyle - NEW: Formula 1 has officially launched its first ever music playlist, ' F1 Tracks '

Publicado por NAANII GLOBAL and F1 Team Journalists en Motorsport 2019 - F1 - FormulaE - Daytona24h race - LeMans 24 h · 4/7/2019 16:36:39
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Ahead of the FORMULA 1 ROLEX BRITISH GRAND PRIX 2019, Formula 1 has officially launched its first ever music playlist, F1 Tracks, which is available to fans across Spotify, Apple and Deezer from today.

F1 Tracks will be updated every Friday and international playlist picks will be filtered according to four key categories: Pace, Mechanical, Spirit & Fan.

This unique set of principles will produce a bespoke and dynamic playlist for fans, which embodies F1 and is distinctive to other weekly streamed playlists.

Alongside the core playlist a number of selected artists will also be curating bespoke playlists for the sport, including global superstar Mabel, who will be curating a unique playlist for the FORMULA 1 ROLEX BRITISH GRAND PRIX 2019 and further collaborations with Hot Chip and Two Door Cinema Club later in the season.

F1 Tracks is the first step into building a wider music offering for fans which unites cultural passions with racing. Each Friday more tracks will be added the list engaging not just fans but other artists to upload new releases and reach a more diverse fan base.

Tanya Wilkinson, Head of Partnership Marketing at Formula 1 said:
“F1 Tracks is one of our first steps into building our music offering by curating bespoke weekly playlists for fans.
This is an exciting step forward in our ambition to reposition F1 as a media and entertainment brand through music and artist collaboration. Having started my career in marketing at Columbia Records UK, I feel passionately about the co-promotional opportunities that we can build within the sport, to bring fantastic talent in to races and give them the benefit of our global promotional platform.”

F1 Tracks is available on Spotify, Deezer and Apple and can be found using “F1” or by clicking:
Spotify -
Deezer -
Apple Music -

Foto: Copyright F1 all rights reserved

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Publicado por Naanii Global Team en Reisen-Travel-Viajes-Voyages · 12/2/2019 12:26:41
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