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FIA Formula1 2019, race#10, British GP - Felicidades MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Lewis Hamilton, 351.000 Spectators ! next race #11: GERMAN GP 26.-28.7.2019



As Formula 1 Managing Director, Motorsport, Ross Brawn says, British GP confirmed just why Silverstone and Lewis Hamilton represent the best of British racing. And, as he also explains, it revealed a change in the pecking order, on the grid and perhaps within teams…

Smashed records, shattered dreams, splintered carbon and stunning, edge-of-the seat, wheel-banging action from lights to flag – the British Grand Prix packed everything that’s good about Formula 1 into just under 90-minutes of explosive drama !

What a show Silverstone put on! I reckon the 351,000 spectators who turned up over the four days from Thursday to a Sunday, a record 141,000 of them on race day, must have loved every minute of it, because there was just so much on offer.

The weekend had a bit of everything – beautiful old cars such as the Alfa Romeo 158 driven to victory at this track in the very first World Championship Grand Prix by Nino Farina in 1950, James Bond-flavoured action in the Fan Zone and on track, celebrities such as Bond himself, Daniel Craig, and chequered flag-waver Stormzy, spectacular action in the F2 and F3 races and, last but not least a Formula 1 race of the highest order.

On Saturday, we witnessed a heart-stopping qualifying in which the top two were separated by just six thousandths of a second, which equates to 41.5 centimetres of track. Indeed, the top three were covered by 0.069 seconds.

Then, on Sunday, the race featured some absolutely thrilling duels, first between the two Mercedes drivers in the opening laps and then between Red Bull and Ferrari, an epic battle that lasted for almost the entire race. Let’s not forget, too, that there were great scraps outside the top six, such as the battle between Sainz and Ricciardo.

And right at the end, there was that very special lap from Lewis Hamilton, where he reminded everyone he’s the boss by beating Valtteri Bottas to the point for the race fastest lap, even though he was running Hard tyres that had already seen 32 laps of action.

It was a thrilling encounter and certainly those watching at home were treated to the very best of those wheel-to-wheel tussles thanks to the incredible variety of angles from which the sport is now covered.

The organization is working hard on this front, because there is no better way of showing off the beauty of Formula 1.
Over the past two years, they have completely changed their approach in terms of how they present Grands Prix, partly based on feedback from those in the sport but also from fans around the world, and ... they think they ’re on the right track.

For the organization , winning a Grand Prix means having conveyed to the fans what a great sport this is and in that regard - they were indeed victorious at Silverstone -

Track: Silverstone Circuit - Results Final - top 5

Pos Driver Time Pts  

1  L. Hamilton Mercedes·#44 1:21:08.452 26  
2  V. Bottas Mercedes·#77 +24.928s 18  
3  C. Leclerc Ferrari·#16 +30.117s 15  
4  P. Gasly Red Bull·#10 +34.692s 12  
5  M. Verstappen Red Bull·#33 +39.458s 10

Foto: Copyright Mercedes MG Petronas, all rights reserved

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