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Showjumping - Saltos - Hípica: Team SPAIN brings home the 24th. Nations Cup Sept 2018 !

Publicado por Naanii Global Team en Show Jumping - Springreiten · 25/9/2018 12:22:16
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Team Spain scores a brilliant Nations Cup in Gijón CSIO 5* 2018, 1,60m !

As it happened in 2001, 2002 and 2011, the spanish national Showjumping team: Manuel Fernández Saro and ‘Usador du Rouet’; Mikel Aizpurúa with ‘Cartanya’, Laura Roquet on ‘Sandi Puigroq’; and Eduardo Álvarez Aznar with ‘Seringat’ placed first on this class sponsored by Sabadell Bank.

The 24th Nations Cup hosted in the Sports Grounds of 'Las Mestas' started at 13:30. Three teams Italy, the Netherlands and Spain measured their forces in a very tight jump off.
Judged under Table A, two phases with a jump off the competition was developed over a course of 12 obstacles and 15 efforts with a maximum height of 1,60 metres.

A total of 10 teams took part in this Nations Cup. 8 managed to move on to the second phase, in which only three of the results per team was taken into account.

Great Britain took the lead with 4 faults during the first phase, followed by the Netherlands, also with 4 faults but taking more time over the course. Spain was in a discrete third with 8 faults. Italy (8 faults), Belgium (8 faults), Ireland (9 faults), France (12 faults) and Sweden (13 points) when through to the second phase.
Therefore Portugal (also 13 points, but investing more time than Sweden) and Germany, with 16 faults, didn´t make it the second phase.

The start list was inverse to the qualifying order of the first phase; the course was built around 6 fences and 7 efforts. In the second phase, Great Britain descended to the sixth place whereas Spain, Italy and the Netherlands were tied in the need for a jump off, in which only one team member would fight in order to break the predicament:

Eduardo Álvarez Aznar was chose to represent Team Spain;
Lucía Le Jeune Vizzini for Italy and Leon Thijssen performed for the Netherlands.

It was Team Spain´s rider Eduardo Alvarez Aznar, who brilliantly broke the tie and produced the best result !

Fotos: Copyright Nations Cup organizing comité - Patronato Deportivo Municipal de Gijón, all rights reserved

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