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Open de France - Triple Crown - an exceptional Final to come - 'Cibao La Pampa' / 'In the Wings' - !

Publicado por Naanii Global Team and Polo Journalists en A-List POLO Lifestyle Tournaments/Torneos · 17/9/2017 00:28:53
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Indeed, under no circumstances should the Final of the 2017 Paprec French Open be missed, next Sunday at 1pm at the Domaine de Chantilly Polo Club. Given the quality and intensity of the two semi-finals that were played on Friday, one can expect a great Final between In The Wings and Cibao La Pampa.  These were definitely the two best semi-finals in the history of the French Open.

This year is the 17th edition of the tournament.
The first semi-final took place between title-winner Marquard Média (Switzerland) and In The Wings (Chantilly) with Pancho Bensadon, running for this title for some time. In order to win, this year he brought along an amazing joker in his luggage: his own son!
At just 15 years of age, Rufino saw his confidence grow from match to match since the beginning of this French Triple-Crown, in August in Deauville. He is the one who inscribed two first goals in this fierce encounter, followed by his father.  With a penalty from Juan Zubiaure (30 yards), In The Wings was leading in the first period: 4/1. Marquard Media clutched to the score, but showed temper with five yellow cards and two expulsions, the first one was for Martin Joaquin, then for Jota Chavanne who was cast aside for two minutes at a crucial point in the match - the last period!

This happened though his team had climbed 10/8 on a huge cogote (hit under the neckline) from Martin Aguerre. But Marquard Media granted two further penalities in the last period, thus enabling In The Wings to “fold’ the score: 14-10, 25 goals in five periods, the sign of a fantastic match. (In The Wings : 4/1 – 4/3 – 7/6 – 10/8 – 14/10)

We would have loved to see Rufino Bensadon play against younger player, Camilo Castagnola (14 years-old) in this final on Sunday, but this  will not happen.

Second semi-final: In the lead since last summer, Cibao La Pampa has yet again mastered its play with an astounding start marked by a goal from Captain Juan Pepa and three goals from Manu Elizalde: a difference that Château d’Aulne will not be able to catch up. A race in vain, but a gorgeous high-speed chase, ignited by Jeta Castagnola who transformed a penalty at 30 yards, the first of his four goals… without taking into account a 40-yard stop by Carlos Ullua before marking the ultimate goal in this encounter.

But victory was sealed: Cibao La Pampa kept its invincibility on French soil. Until Sunday? (Cibao La Pampa : 4/0 – 6/2 – 7/4 – 9/5 – 10/7).

One can only be impatient to see these two teams in the final on Sunday, with two very different game styles. The first confrontation ended in a draw. Cibao La Pampa won the lead in the additional time period, which clearly shows the match will be extremely tight and the climax in an afternoon filled,

with three more exciting finals:
the Capitaine des Jeux Final, - the Castel Trophy and - the Ladies French Open Engel & Völkers.

Between these finals, the audience will have time to discover this sport by foot or on wooden horses, to shop and eat in the village ; families can also enjoy a picnic.

Access to this great day of (commented) finals is entirely Free!

Fotos: Copyright Polo Club Chantilly, all rights reserved

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