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Mexican GP 2015 - the BEST event ever -

Publicado por en Motorsport, 2015 Formula 1, Grand Prix · 2/11/2015 15:35:58

Formula One  - Mexican Grand Prix 2015 –

Congratulations to the almost 336.000 Mexican and international fans, Celebrities, CEOs, Opinion Leader, Designer, Artists, Musicians, Actors, Models, Filmstars, Sportsstars, F1 Personalities, Mexican Government, CIE GP Organisation, Bernie Ecclestone   and Kids -  celebrating with incredible energy,  passion and glamour the Formula One  return to Mexico  in and around the  Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez !

!  Congratulations to  Race Winner Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas !


Congratulations to Mexican Sergio Perez  and his  Team Sahara Force India,  ‘encendiendo  de manera impresionante a los  milles de  afeccionados mexicanos’ , Congratulations to Carlos Slim, Féderico Gonzalez Compean, Alejandro Soberón, Tavo Hellmund, el gobierno de Mexico, Bernie Ecclestone and la FIA !

Mexico City  celebrated the return of the Formula One last weekend with outstanding  Parties, Fiestas, Side Events and Galas 2015 such as
- the one-of-a-kind  classic  ‘Johnnie Walker  Blue Gala’,  an exclusive Gala dinner with  ballet performance , classic music, 10 pianos  and about 500 invited celebrities, VIPs, CEOs, Opinion Leader  and Formula 1 Teams and driver;  

- the famous world-renowned ‘ Amber Lounge ‘  THE outstanding, exclusive glamorous and authentic F1  three night party experience  and after Party  with an exceptional number of Celebrity guests, VIPs, Models, CEOs, F1 celebrities , leader and driver from all Teams, etc.  -  its Friday night Charity Driver Fashion Show, - Saks Fifth Avenue - showcasing  in Mexico  stunning pieces by Alexander Mc Queen, Emilio Pucci, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin, Armani, Hugo Boss, etc. life performances by John Martin and Michel Zitron and heart-pumping sets from 6 top DJs -  sponsored by Möet & Chandon, Heineken, NEC, Lotus, Mercedes, Banamex, Johnnie Walker, etc.; ... next stop Amber Lounge ABU DHABI GP ... !


- and some selected  exclusive or fun events organized by Sponsors such as the PUMA wrestling event with Lewis Hamilton, the HUBLOT presentation with Sebastian Vettel and Maurizio Arrivabene, the MARTINI cocktail with the Williams Martini Racing Formula 1 Team, the  cocktail dinner at NOBU Mexico with Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala, F1 Teams and Driver, CEOs and Celebrities, etc.


An Outstanding Formula One return, a sold out Circuit, ‘ la autentica alegria de vida y  fiesta  Mexicana’  in every corner, press, TV Commentators , all F 1 drivers and Teams impressed by this spectacle Mexico – its GP organization, Sponsors and Fans were able to set up – a Stadium Celebration  like a Football Worldchampionchip or Rock Concert  !

Interviews after the race – Formula 1 Teams -


Nico Rosberg
''That was the best podium of my life!
Thousands and thousands of people singing your name after winning on a great track... it's unbelievable!
In that moment you feel like a rock star on stage and I enjoyed every second.
Thank you so much to all the Mexican fans who made my win here so special.
And thanks also to Bernie and the organisers who worked hard to set up this amazing event.
It was a perfect weekend for me. I had a good Qualifying and was able to control the race from the front, responding each time Lewis came closer. It was tricky because there was really no grip on the rears - especially after the Safety Car, with cold tyres. But in the end I felt comfortable. The performance this weekend is down to great teamwork with my engineers, as we found a great setup for the special conditions here, so a big thank you to them. Now I look forward to the race in Brazil. It´s always great to come with a win to the next race, so hopefully I can carry this form to Interlagos. ''

Lewis Hamilton
''Today was a pretty good race. I actually really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. I was pushing so hard, giving absolutely everything that I had, and I think I had more pace than Nico. But, unfortunately, you can't really follow another car here. The closer and closer you get it's like two negative poles of a pair of magnets repelling each other, so there was nothing I could do. I knew I needed a good start to get the run on Nico into Turn One. But I had hardly any tow and, from there, he made no mistakes. When it came to the pit stops, there was no real stress. At the time, I just didn't agree with the decision to pit a second time, that's all. The team takes these decisions and I abide by them but I initially wasn't sure on this one. As it turned out, there was then a Safety Car anyway. I have full confidence in these guys and we still got the 1-2 as a team, so that's positive.
I have to say, it's been the best week and the best crowd I've ever seen here in Mexico. There are so many people with so much energy and so much excitement for the sport here. All the other countries we go to need to make a big effort to keep up with these guys. Next stop Brazil and I've never won there, so that's the goal in two weeks.''

Valtteri Bottas:
''I’m very pleased with the result today. Every decision from the team on strategy was right, so I’m really delighted with what we achieved as a team. It feels so good, after so much bad luck recently and so much hard work, to get the reward. It was a great feeling on the podium, that was very special. Regarding the incident with one of the Ferraris, it was unlucky that it was me and him again but of course I didn’t want it to end up like that.''

Sahara Force India F1 Team
Sergio Pérez:
“What a week this has been here in Mexico! The atmosphere has been amazing and there were so many special moments. The race today was probably one of the most difficult of my career because I was very unlucky with the timing of the safety car, which really didn’t help my one-stop strategy. We chose not to pit when it came out because we thought there was a chance to jump Nico [Hulkenberg] and Felipe [Massa], but in reality that didn’t happen. Then the team told me that the cars behind had all pitted and fitted new tyres, so I was a bit worried because I knew the final fifteen laps would be very difficult. To stay ahead of them and finish in eighth place is probably one of my best performances in Formula One and I’m very happy I could score points in front of my home crowd.
I am very lucky to have this huge support from my country and I will remember this weekend forever. I think everybody has enjoyed the energy of the crowd and this must surely be one of the most popular races on the calendar now.”

A tough race  in Mexico  for  Teams  McLaren Honda  and Scuderia Ferrari.

Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team
Maurizio Arrivabene:
“Over the course of this season we had already managed to touch the sky. This time we reached the bottom. But today’s race was a lesson of humility that we must put to good use and that will further bind the team together and strengthen the character of everybody. I had already seen yesterday how this team can react to difficulties, having had to replace both engine and gearbox in so little time. Today, we are not
blaming anybody: we are a team, we win and lose together. I regret the result as we had a really good pace in the race, but that’s racing, you can always have a bad day. This does not change our targets for the season, as Seb can still catch Rosberg in the point standings and Kimi can do the same with Bottas”.

McLaren Honda F1 Team
“Sadly, we knew before today’s race had even begun that Fernando almost certainly wouldn’t be able to finish it.
“Our problem was that the rotational sensor inside the MGU-H on his car had become unstable yesterday evening. It was therefore always going to be unlikely that he would be able to complete many laps this afternoon, but he vehemently wanted to try to do so because he’s an out-and-out racer and because he was extremely keen to put on a good show for the spectators.
“We wholeheartedly supported that aspiration, of course, but unfortunately his race lasted but a single lap.
“Jenson finished the race, by contrast, which was positive. What wasn’t so positive is that he did so in 14th place. As we’ve said throughout the weekend, this circuit doesn’t suit our car’s performance envelope, so we were never going to be able to trouble the scorers here.
“Having said that, there are silver linings to today’s cloud. On the twisty bits Jenson reported that he was able to stay with many of the faster cars as they lapped him, and our data bears that out. So we’re making progress, and we remain steadfast in our ambition to improve. Honda shares that determination, 100 percent.

“Finally, I want to pay tribute to the organisers, who have put on a superb event here in Mexico City. The circuit is an astute recreation of an oft-lauded classic, updated with both safety and spectacle in mind, and today it hosted a grand epreuve worthy of the name. Veritably, the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is an excellent addition to the Formula 1 calendar, and, to the hordes of enthusiastic local fans who packed its grandstands to the rafters today, I hereby say: we’re sorry we offered you neither thrills nor spills, but next year we’ll be in the mix, mark my words.”

Fernando Alonso
‘’We had an MGU-H rotation speed problem – it was something we spotted last night, and unfortunately confirmed it this morning. We didn’t have enough time to replace it, so we were left with two options: to race or not to race.’’
“We went for the first option, and tried to do as much as we could, out of respect for the amazing fans here in Mexico. I really wanted to go to the grid, take the start, and then just see what happened.
“It was only one lap, but, even so, I enjoyed it. At least we tried; it’s always best to try than to give up.
“It’s been a two long weeks away from home, with zero points scored.
It’s been hugely rewarding to witness the crowds here in Mexico City though – they’ve been one of the best crowds of the season, brilliant all weekend.
“Now, we need to put this experience behind us and look ahead to the final two races of the season.”

Jenson Button
“The Mexican fans should feel very proud of themselves – they've been amazing out there all weekend. By contrast, I don’t have many positive things to say about my race.
“The other cars were significantly quicker than us in a straight line. On the plus side, though, compared with the middle-of-the-pack cars, we were quicker in the final sector of the lap. They came past us on the straight, but then we caught them back up in the final corners.
“To be fair, however, I think we lost more power compared with the other teams on this high-altitude circuit.”

Fotos:  copyright  Mercedes AMG Petronas; McLaren Honda; Sahara Force India; Scuderia Ferrari; Amber Lounge; all rights reserved

New mexican Sponsors & Partner for SAHARA FORCE INDIA F1 Team

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***** Formula 1, MEXICO CITY, 30.10.-1.11.2015 *****

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Glamour & Party with LEWIS Hamilton, celebrating in the USA 3rd time F1 worldchampionchip titel !

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