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XI. FIP World Polo Championship Sydney 2017: England, Chile, Argentina and the US achieved first victories

Published by Naanii Global Team in A-List POLO Lifestyle Tournaments/Torneos · 24/10/2017 14:33:21
Tags: XI.FIPPoloWorldchampionship2017SydneythirddayvictoriesforArgentinaandtheUS

At famous and prestigious Sydney Polo Club, the XI. FIP World Polo Worldchampionship continues with exiting matches:

So Team England and Team Chile emerged victorious from their matches against Team India and Team New Zealand, respectively, and today Team Argentina and  the Polo Team from the US also did win their respective matches.
Sunday started off with the match England vs. India in a match where the first team absolutely dominated its opponent, controlling it up to the point that the India Polo Team was able to only score once, while England had a staggering 16-goal total at the end of the match.

The Polo Team from Chile than later on defeated New Zealand 9-2. In spite of the broad goal difference, the match was quite even, but the team from the Andes managed to have far more goal opportunities than their rival.

The USA defeated Australia 7-5 and improve their record to 1-1 for the tournament; and the Argentinian team played very strong, winning 12/3,5.

Fixture / Results:
21.10.2017, Inauguration Ceremony
Argentina/USA 12 - 9,5
Spain/ Australia 9 - 9 (gg)

22.10.2017, Family Day
England/India       16-1
Chile/New Zealand 9-2

24.10.2017, Ladies Day
Australia/USA        5-7

England/ New Zealand
Chile / India

Argentina / Australia
England / Chile
Spain / USA
India /New Zealand

3rd/4th place

more images matches, Family day and Ladies day:
more information,  match reports:
Fotos: Copyright XI. FIP World Polo Championship

II. Youth Americas Cup 2017, Bermuda Island June 12.- 21.,2017 - First 4 Teams (Pool B) qualified, - New Zealand - Spain - Great Britain - Bermudas - !

Published by in Sailing, 35. Americas Cup, 2015-2017 · 14/6/2017 19:09:06
Tags: YouthAmericasCup2017;NewZealandSpainGreatBritainBermudasqualifiedforFinals20.21.6.2017

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