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F1 - Ferrari winning Bahrain, great success for Torro Rosso and Mc Laren great result besides challenges - next race Chinese GP this weekend - !

Published by NAANII GLOBAL and F1 Team Journalists in Motorsport 2018 - F1 - FormulaE - Daytona24h race - LeMans 24 h · 11/4/2018 16:51:04
Tags: F1Bahrain;Ferrari;SebastianVettel;ChineseGP;McLarenoptimistic



SCUDERÍA FERRARI: Maurizio Arrivabene  
''Today's result, with a win for Sebastian, is confirmation of the great job done by the team, of an effective car and of a driver who drove like a true champion right to the very end.
It was a shame for Kimi, who would have completed a fine result for the team. We chose to take one of our mechanics up onto the podium as a mark of respect to our colleague Francesco who was injured during the pit stop. The whole team hopes he recovers quickly. We are already preparing for the next race in China and as usual we will give it our all.   

Sebastian Vettel  
''Obviously, this is a great way to start the season and it wasn't expected. Obviously Australia was a different race and if you compare these two races, here we had the pace and won on our own. So, I think it's been much better, but it was a very tough race. It took a while for the adrenaline to go, but for the next week we are not sure where we are going to be. It is difficult to predict with everything changing so much. In China it will be a different track and a different challenge, but we have to improve our car and work on it. We still need to improve the balance. However, if we should have a similar feeling like here, then I think we should be in a good shape. We were losing a little bit at the end and Bottas was getting closer. We couldn't wait and see what he was doing. So, in response to that we had to come in first to protect the track as much as I could. We had targeted two stops and that's why we had chosen Soft tires. But then we had to change strategy; the tires were already wearing out, but then it seemed everything was ok. But after 10 or 12 laps, the tires got worse and the last five laps were very tricky. It feels better winning here than in Australia, because here we had the pace. So, I am very happy, even though it's sad to see one of our guys getting injured. I wish him to get well soon, I know he's in very good hands now.  

TORRO ROSSO F1 team and Aston Martin RedBull Racing Team:
Gasly, Torro Rosso, shakes up the standings with a stunning fourth place in Bahrain F1 GP last weekend !
Meanwhile rather a  disaster for Ricciardo and Verstappen, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing who did not finish...


Shanghai International Circuit, 13-15 April 2018
-> Start time 14:10hrs local, 07:10hrs BST, 08:10hrs CET
-> Race laps 56
-> Tyre choice White Medium, yellow Soft, purple Ultrasoft

The essentials
Toughest corner Turn One, a 270-degree right-hander. The cars turn in at 300km/h/186mph and scrub off speed as the drivers increase the steering angle towards a late-apex. The drivers are also braking through here; as the aerodynamic load comes off the car they have to be careful not to lock the unloaded inside front wheel
Unique difficulty Balancing straight-line speed with braking stability and cornering grip. The 1.17km/0.727-mile back straight is the longest of the season and to be competitive in the race, a high top-speed is vital. But take off too much downforce and the car will slide in the corners and wear out its tyres
Biggest challenge Keeping the tyres in their correct temperature range will be particularly difficult this year. Pirelli is bringing an eclectic range of tyre compounds: the Ultrasoft will act as a qualifying tyre, but there will be no Supersoft rubber and the cars will be forced to jump to a much harder compound at the pit-stops

McLaren, Eric Boullier, Racing Director:
“We now head to Shanghai after a hard-fought couple of races for McLaren. Our results are solid but haven’t come easily, and we are by no means satisfied with our progress so far.  “We know there’s a lot of work to do and we’re working hard, day and night, to bring more performance to the car each time we hit the track. Our biggest deficit is our qualifying performance and addressing this is our priority.
“The Shanghai International Circuit is a very different challenge again to Melbourne and Bahrain. The long straight, high top speeds and the low and medium-speed corners mean it has a bit of everything, so our objective is to get on top of the circuit’s characteristics from Friday onwards.”

Fotos: copyright Mc Laren y Scuderia Ferrari y TooroRosso/Redbull, all rights reserved.

F1 - 2# race, Bahrain, 6.-8.4.2018 ! Ferrari pole position and McLaren managing challenges, new F1 2021 guidelines announced - lots of discussions, Grid Girls&Kids Monaco Race !

Published by NAANII GLOBAL and F1 Team Journalists in Motorsport 2018 - F1 - FormulaE - Daytona24h race - LeMans 24 h · 7/4/2018 08:34:11
Tags: QualifyingBarainGP2018;Ferrari;McLarenSebastianVettel;EricBoullier;FernandoAlonso;

F1- Australian GP 25.3.2018: Winner german Sebastian Vettel and Scudería Ferrari ! Hamilton dissapointed, Daniel and Fernando 4th and 5th position !

Published by NAANII GLOBAL and F1 Team Journalists in Motorsport 2018 - F1 - FormulaE - Daytona24h race - LeMans 24 h · 25/3/2018 17:21:37
Tags: Ferrari;SebastianVettel;KimiRaikkonenHamilton;Alonso;DanielRicciardo;AustralianGP2018;GridKids;n1raceseason2018

Abu Dhabi F1 race - letztes Rennen der Saison 2017 -

Published by Naanii Global team and F1 Team Journalists in Motorsport 2017 / Formula 1 / Indycars · 22/11/2017 14:03:16
Tags: AbuDhabiF12017;SebastianVettel;LewisHamilton;DanielRicchiardo;MaxVerstappen;FernandoAlonso

German Nico Rosberg Formula 1 WORLDCHAMPION 2016 ! Congratulations Glückwunsch Enhorabuena Felicitation !!

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